I am super excited to announce the opening of our new Smart Calling Community on Facebook!


This will be the place to get a regular dose of sales training and motivation, interact and network with other like minded sales pros, celebrate successes, share tips and best practices, pose questions and challenges, and, have fun!


I am going to be very active, both posting tips and videos, and interacting with members. I’ve thought about doing this for quite some time, and a confession here… what caused my hesitation is thinking about the huge commitment it was going to take to do it the right way.


Well, I’ve made that commitment, and my goal is to make this THE online place to be for sales pros. You can get sales information hundreds of places online, but you won’t be able to get what we have here anywhere else.


What also will make this special, exclusive, and valuable is that it is a closed group, meaning that members will have proven they are action takers, and serious about their success.


Most people who have already qualified have received an email notifying them, and will get their invitation when we open on Monday. You can see the ways to qualify down at the very bottom, and how to get in if you haven’t already.


Also, if you are not sure if you’ve qualified, or believe you have and didn’t get notified, just shoot us an email.


And also directly below you can see what the group is about and the exciting things we have planned.


OK, I look forward to seeing you in the new Smart Calling Community.




Art Sobczak



Here's What You Will Get, and How You Will Benefit from the Smart Calling Community on Facebook


Community and Engagement- You will be part of a community of like-minded sales pros. As a group, sales pros are special individuals, and not everyone can relate to what we do. In this group you will be interacting with pros like you. You’ll be able to get ideas and share your experiences with sales pros in a wide variety of industries and situations. We know that we have clients and customers ranging from large sales teams and organizations, down to solopreneurs. And there are sales pros who might be part of a team, but work alone from home.



Personal Development- My goal and commitment is to make this the best sales group online. That means members must receive value in order to participate, and continue to visit. There will be fun and entertainment for sure, but I value your time and want to be sure you get a return on your time investment with us. By being part of this group—if you participate-- you will be a better sales pro.



Sharing wins- Do you get recognized enough for your accomplishments? We will regularly share our wins with each other. It feels great to be congratulated, and it’s motivating to see what others accomplish.



Training- I will post training tips and videos regularly. Usually they will be brief, instantly-usable questions, openings, voice mails, suggestions for resistance and objections… motivation…really on everything to do with prospecting and sales.



Fun!  Because of the nature of Facebook and the environment and culture I’m looking to build, this will be an informal, fun place to be. Here's a confession: I was much more serious when I was very young and just starting in business. I thought I needed to be. Then I realized that by loosening up, being less formal, not caring as much about what I thought that people thought about me, and having more fun… I became more successful. And enjoyed it a lot more.



Accountability- When you go public with your intentions and goals, you’re more motivated to take the action to make it happen. That is proven. This won’t be for everyone, but it will be a difference-maker and life-changer for some.



Networking-  You will meet people who will become friends, colleagues, and maybe even clients (although this will be a strict “no-pitch” zone). We will encourage you to connect with others on LinkedIn, and amazing relationships will be formed.



Challenges- After the group is up and humming along, we will look doing some challenges. The nature of these will likely be based on input from the group. Suggestions so far include hitting a certain number of prospecting calls, calls to inactive customers, new revenue from existing customers, asking for referrals, and more.



Who Is Eligible to Get In?

This is a closed, private community because we want people who have proven they are action-takers. And, who are familiar with my Smart Calling process, methods, and messaging.


If you have already invested in any of my courses, Inner Circle, are with a company that I have done client training for, or have invested at least $150 in my books and other training materials, you qualify. Emails notices have been sent, with clickable invites into the group to follow on Monday, April 16th.


If you have NOT received an email, and want to see if you’ve qualified, or if you know you have and did not get the notice, please send an email to [email protected] and provide details.



To Qualify Right Now...

There are several ways to qualify to get in right now...


Become an Inner Circle Member. In addition to all of the awesome benefits of membership, you also will be invited to be part of the community. This is the least expensive option, as you can join today for just $1, and then there is a promotional monthly rate of only $39 that begins in 30 days. (We do ask that you commit to stay in for at least four months, although most members stay much longer of course.)  See all of the member benefits and sign up.


Subscribe to the Smart Calling Report Training Tips Letter. Every month I put together eight pages of solid, how-to sales tips, messaging, and motivation. We also have guest columnists sharing their wisdom. Not only will you get each new monthly issue, you will have access to the past nine years worth of issues, over 110 of them. That alone is an over $1000 value.

Your investment for a one-year subscription is just $149 (renews automatically annually, we'll send you a notice at that time. Once you subscribe, you will still be in the Community even if you choose not to renew your subscription.)

Subscribe now for one year for $149 




Get the Smart Calling Prospecting Course. This audio course and workbook takes you step-by-step through Art's complete Smart Calling prospecting system. See complete details and order here.



Enroll in the Smart Calling College. Become a lifetime member of Art's most comprehensive training program. See complete details.



Invest $150 or More in Training Resources. 




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