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A Review of an Opening Script


Art, We sell search engine optimization to real estate agents across the US. Here is a
revised script I’d like input on.


"Hello ____We help Realtors close more real estate by managing their online
leads...and I was wondering if you would be OFFENDED, if we just asked you a few
questions to see if we MIGHT be able to help you as well?"




"Great....First, Are you accepting new clients?"




"OK and second....What are you finding is the best way to market right now?"




"Ok and third...What are your goals for this year?"




"You know John, based on what you've said here, I really think we can help you close more real estate. Did you have 15 or 20 minutes that I can show you how to fill your pipeline with great quality leads..Did you have some time tomorrow? Or is Wednesday better?"


Art's Review


Brad, thanks for your note.


I like your opening, and your questions... other than the "offended" part.

My reaction if I received that could be it is a technique rather than natural conversation. With that said, the best thing to do is try it out.


Also, I would use some Smart Call intelligence at the beginning. We covered that in the Intelligence module in the course.


"Hi, John. This is Jennifer with SuperSEO... I see that you are specializing in the
Homewood area of town and are doing quite a bit of marketing...."

Anything that can help make a connection and show you aren't the typical SEO service
just smiling and dialing.

Also, as long as you have them on the phone I'd give them the option of doing the
appointment now. If the music is still playing, stay on the dance floor.