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Most Advice on "Overcoming" Objections is Wrong, Doesn't Work, and Makes Everyone Uncomfortable

If you've never bought into using the inane objection rebuttals like the "feel-felt-found" technique or any of the other scripted goofy lines that lots of training suggests, but yet don't want to back down like a scared puppy when faced with resistance and objections, relax, we have the training for you.

Despite doing everything right, you will STILL encounter resistance and objections. However, the difference between success and big commissions, and demoralizing fruitless activity is how to professionally and conversationally deal with it. WITHOUT sounding or feeling like you're reading something from a sales book out of the 1960's. You'll see how in this one hour and 15-minute masterclass, broken up into seven shorter videos.


Here's What You're Geting In This
Video Training Masterclass:

It is more difficult than ever to get the attention of buyers, and speak with them. And once you do, you do not want to blow the opportunity by backing down, or becoming mind-vapor-locked at the first sign of resistance or objections.

Here is just a sample of what you'll cover in the fast-moving program, jam-packed with how-to word-for-word messaging you'll use right away.

  • The Four-Step Process to prepare for, and melt objections, and have them feel good about it
  • The difference between price comments, statements, and real objections, and how to handle each of them so you sell at your full price. (This ALONE can pay for your webinar many times over)
  • What to say in response to the the early "Not interested" and "We're all set" right at the beginning of calls to get them talking
  • How to handle “We don’t need that.”
  • Responding to the "The timing isn't right, right now" objection
  • How to blow potential objections out of the water BEFORE they occur
  • Over 20 other word-for-word tips and messaging examples you can use right away
  • Plus much much more!

You Can and SHOULD Turn More "No's" and Resistance into "Yes" and Dollars. And Do it Conversationally, Professionally, and Often! Register Today.

In addition to having access to the training online, to help you continue implementing and profiting from the material you will get,

  • A workbook for you to take notes and complete the many exercises in the program.
  • The PDF transcript of every word spoken in the session, so you can have the many many word for word examples.
  • The slides of the entire presentation so you can see the many examples covered

Your Presenter, Art Sobczak

For over 40 years Art has helped sales pros say the right things to avoid resistance, create interest, and sell more. In this webinar he shows you how to  craft exactly what you'll SAY to get deal with resistance and objections and sell. Art's flagship book and process, "Smart Calling-  Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling"  is used at the go-to methodology for successful prospectors worldwide.

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