Smart Calling Online
Three-Week "Not So Fast" Cash/Launch


March 22- Regular weekly sales tip email sent to entire list of 40K, including announcements of new resources forthcoming, including Smart Calling Online, along with a link to get on the Early Priority list. SCO 1 - Pre-Announcement


March 23- A piece of actual content from Smart Calling Online, residing at the blog, along with a link to get on the Priority Notification list. SCO 2 - Preannouncement with sample content


March 28- Notice of Priority Opening for Smart Calling Online, along with $50 discount. (Th.)e actual opening email for them went out the next day SCO 3- Priority Notification Alert


March 29- Weekly tip with audio, video, text content from Smart Calling Online, and notification of offer opening at noon on Friday.  SCO 4 - Pre-Opening Day


March 30- Doors are open! Brief sales letter with limited-quantity fast-action bonus. SCO 5- Doors Open!


April 2- FAQ's  SCO 6- FAQ's


April 3- Apology for a dufus move; two-payment plan, deadline tonight!  SCO 7 - Apology, payment plan


April 3- Special message to a bucketed segment: managers.  SCO 8 - Bucketed message to managers


April 3-(7pm Eastern) Reminder, SIX-pay plan  SCO 9- Cart close- one more payment option


April 5- Weekly tip; announcing reopening for just 17 hours Friday  SCO 10- Announcing reopen


April 6- Reopen; testimonials  SCO 11- Reopen


April 6 (7pm Eastern)  (Only to those who visited sales page over life of promotion) Final reminder, $1 three-day trial.  SCO 12- Final - $1 trial


If you find anything useful here, feel free to use it! If you have questions, contact me, 480-699-0958, or [email protected]

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