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Component One of the Ultimate Smart Calling Black Friday Bundle is the comprehensive Smart Calling Online archive of over 2,000 examples of audio, video and text lessons, scripts, articles, tips, strategies and more.  See more details and actual examples here.

Everyday Price: $797.00


Component Two: Smart Calling Training Webinars. You will get lifetime access to  69, 45-minute -to-one-hour video training webinars! 65 of these are the programs we did for our Inner Circle and College members... I did half of them personally, and had celebrity guest presenters on the others.  (You will also get the upcoming November and December trainings. ) Plus you get the Sales Kickoff Training Meetings from four past years. You'll get hundreds of tips and strategies on all aspects of prospecting and sales. Any one tip from just one program can pay for your entire bundle many times over.

Total Value: $5451.00


Component Three:  The Smart Calling Report is my member's and subscriber's only monthly training tips letter that we published monthly until the beginning of 2021. It's eight pages, jam-packed with 15-20 of the best tips, strategies, scripts and more in-depth training I gathered that month. And there are contributions from other experts, and fellow pros in the field.  You get immediate and lifetime access to the archives of the past 12 years of issues. That's right 144 of them, containing over a thousand sales-building tips.

Total Value: $2016.00


Bonus:  How to Place the Successful Sales and Prospecting Call audio course.  This is a great place to begin for those newer to sales, or who want to start with the basics of my sales process. This audio course walks you step-by-step through each part of the professional sales and prospecting call.

Total Value: $79.00


Bonus:  "How to Turn More Follow-Up Calls Into Sales-- Techniques for Moving to Close More Quickly" audio trainingThis 56-minute audio training workshop  gives you the blueprint and the word-for-word messaging to first set up next actions on initial calls (the lack thereof is the main reason people ignore you later), and therefore also have more successful follow-ups that move buyers to close more quickly.

Total Value: $79.00


Bonus:  "How To Add Value on Every Customer Contact, Build Relationships, and Sell More to Your Customers." This 120-page guide that gives you specific strategies and word-for-word messaging to build and strengthen customer relationships, deliver tremendous value, and as a result, have them buy more from you, and stay with you longer.

Total Value: $39.00


Bonus:  "Motivated Calling- How to Overcome Call Reluctance, Fear of No's, and Never Be Rejected Again." Nothing else in this entire bundle matters if you are not motivated to place calls. This one-hour audio training that will turn around your thinking, and your motivation to pick up the phone, get a "win" on every call, and never experience "rejection" again.

Total Value: $39.00


Special Early Priority WEDNESDAY ONLY Bonus for the FIRST 50 Buyers:
The Smart Calling College Lifetime Membership

Since you requested to get in early, I like to reward fast-action takers. For the first 50 buyers, today only, I am including one more very valuable bonus when you order. My Smart Calling College is an entire virtual training program, on video with an accompanying workbook, that walks you step-by-step through the creation of your Smart prospecting and sales call.

Now, everyone is being forced to do remote selling.  I have been teaching only that for over 30 years.  You’ll use my proven process to craft your interest-creating call openings, voice mails, and messaging you can use in emails and InMails to create interest and get responses. As an added bonus, I will also review your call opening/voice mail and provide feedback.  It is only being offered free, today until midnight Pacific time, or for the first 50 buyers. (If you are seeing this, it is still available and you will get it if you order right now.)

This course alone sells for $895. And you get LIFETIME membership, to access whenever or wherever you want.  See complete details on the program here.

ADDITIONAL BONUS WITHIN THE BONUS: Art did a series of five webinars to address selling in the pandemic-affected environment, and trained on all of the material in the College and how to best apply it.  Even though this was conducted early in the pandemic, most of the principles and messages can still be applied today. You get these FREE.

Total Value: $895.00


Total Value of the Ultimate Bundle (Including the Early Bonus)



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