Hire Art as Your Personal Coach and Speak With Him Every Month for Only $1 Today

Take Advantage of this Limited-Time, Exclusive Offer to Join Art Sobczak's Member's-Only Inner Circle Coaching and Training Group. You're Getting:

  • 1

    Monthly Coaching and Training Calls

    Every month you will be able to attend Art's live training session, covering 42 minutes of solid content. Tips, strategies, success stories, call reviews, Q&A, and every other month or so, a guest expert giving their best stuff. If you can't attend live, no worries, the sessions are recorded and archived so you can access them at ANY time. You get ALL of the sessions going back to July 2016!
    $1748 Yearly Value

  • 2

    Smart Calling Report monthly sales tips letter

    Eight page sales tips newsletter, packed with brief tips, longer tips, case studies, contributions from other sales experts and sales pros in the field. Every day Art is looking for the best what is being published on sales and prospecting, and he cuts through the BS and distills the best of the best. This publication has helped salespeople worldwide sell tens of millions of dollars worth of products and services. And you will get it every month.
    $99 yearly value

  • 3

    Smart Calling Report NINE YEAR'S archives

    You have access to back issues of the Smart Calling Report, any one of which can provide you with that one idea or opening, or voice mail tip, or closing question that could help you get that big deal. You get access to ALL of the issues going back to 2009! Over 7 ½ years worth, 85, eight-page issues.This alone is like a graduate degree in sales.
    Over a $900 value.

  • 4

    PERSONAL One-on-One Coaching With Art

    Each month Art holds a call-in coaching day. On these days, during the designated time, he will open up the phone lines for members to call in and get 15 minutes with him to discuss whatever you’d like. He’ll review call scripts, discuss difficult scenarios, listen to call or voice mail recordings and give suggestions, give advice on breaking into that huge account, whatever you’d like. How valuable would just a couple of these sessions be? Now just think of what it would be worth to do that EVERY month!
    Over an $800 yearly value.

  • 5

    Audio Training Workshops

    Art took the top five of his best-selling audio workshop courses he did with other guest experts and included them in the membership area for you to access and learn from at any time. These workshops are on, prospecting at the top level, how to effectively follow-up to get the sale, the 10 best questions to ask prospects and customers, how to sell at full price and overcome price objections, and how to maintain a top sales attitude at all times. These each still sell on our site for $99.
    $495 value.

  • 6

    BONUS: Smart Calling Weekly Tip library

    This is not typically part of the Inner Circle, but is being offered as a bonus this week. Art took the past 350 weekly sales tips/training lessons, categorized them by topic, and put them up in the Inner Circle members area. We are going to be selling this as a standalone training product for $297. But you get it now as part of this offer.
    $297 value.

Total Value:            $4339.00

You Can Become a FULL Member Today, With Access to Everything, Attend the Training Calls, and Call in for Art's One-on-One Coaching, for Just

Just $1 today, and then special $39 monthly (regularly $69)  rate, which won't be charged until 30 days from now.

Monthly Plan

Become a FULL member today for $1, and you will receive an email with your login to give you complete unlimited access to all of the above resources in the members area, and details for participating in the training calls, and call-in days. After 30 days you will be billed monthly at the special, limited-time offer rate of $39, instead of the regular $69 monthly. (You will also lock in that rate regardless of what we raise the price to in the future) You may cancel at any time and not be billed further.


As if it were not risk-free enough already, we want to be absolutely sure the Inner Circle is for you. So, if at any time in the first three months you decide you are not getting far more value than you are investing, we will refund everything you paid.

Call Art personally with any questions, or if you'd like your multiple member quote right away.


Art Sobczak

In the Inner Circle you'll get the latest in what's working from Art Sobczak, author of the best-selling book, Smart Calling- Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling.  He has trained tens of thousands of reps personally over the past 30+ years, and hundreds of thousands more have increased their sales by following him and using his material. See more about Art and his training options here.