Sales and Prospecting Mastery Video Training Collection


This is an online collection of 30 training videos (originally delivered as monthly webinars) for my exclusive member's only Inner Circle Coaching Group, and Smart Calling College attendees.


This training is ideal for managers who want to deliver ready-made regular sessions for their team that they can view or discuss, or for individual sales pros who want to build their master of every aspect of prospecting and sales.



What You'll Get

Sixteen of the training videos are me, personally delivering hundreds of how-to tips and techniques, along with slides that detail all of the word-for-word messaging.

I cover every part of the successful sales and prospecting call during these videos, along with a dose of motivation so you're fired up, and not deterred by no's.

Here's a list of just some of the tips I share.

  • How to handle the quick brush off

  • The Smart Calling Opening--simplified

  • How to "casualize" your questions so they sound natural AND get results

  • How to easily transition from your questioning to your offer

  • A 400-year old "trick" to be more persuasive

  • A killer close

  • The "Gun in the Boot" last resort technique when you're in a jam

  • How to attach time frames to makes wishes realities

  • An email to use when they have gone silent on you

  • The ACTION model that ensures a great follow-up call

  • Three steps to build your calling confidence

  • The Smart Calling Email Prospecting Process

  • What you can do to get more appointments

  • How to get “insider” intel on prospect companies

  • A disarming approach with screeners

  • How to handle unreturned voice mail messages

  • Applying the “Don’t Care” test to your openings and voice mails

  • How to follow up, effectively, after you send something before a prospecting call

  • One of the best sales questions ever

  • An FBI agent’s trick for what to read into “no’s”

  • How to prepare them positively for what they are about to hear

  • How to be more interesting to your listeners

  • How to end calls productively, even when you get a “no”

  • What to do after calls, to accomplish something every time

  • Ask For the Contact First, then Explain

  • How to Find the Real Decision Makers Without Insulting Anyone

  • How to Really Communicate Instead of Playing Phone "Tag"

  • Do Not Begin the Call With, “I Know You’re Busy…”

  • A Prospecting Opening Statement Template

  • This Negative Technique CAN be used Positively When Done Correctly

  • An Alternative to "Ask a Few Questions"

  • Don’t Make it Difficult to Buy from You Quickly

  • A Question to Avoid, That Many Reps Have Been Taught to Use

  • Find Out Why They Need to See References

  • Add Credibility to Your Sales Messages

  • How to Revive Cold Leads

  • You are Entering the Most Wonderful Time of the Sales Year

  • How to Use Smart Calling Intelligence When What You Sell is For Them Personally

  • Don't Apologize

  • How to Use Their Voice Mail Greetings to Generate MORE Sales

  • Just Introducing Yourself is Not Value

  • Call Analysis: How NOT to Set Appointments

  • Using the SNL Technique from David Spade’s Annoying Receptionist Character

  • How to Avoid Further Stalls

  • Listen for Their "Problem Trigger" Words

  • Stop! Don't Present Yet. Ask Another Question

  • In Your Opinion, Is This a Good Technique?

  • What's Your Differential Advantage?

  • Presenting on Calls, How to Recommend Instead

  • Tips on Making Winning Recommendations

  • Show Them the Money to Make More Of Your Own

  • Rant of the Month: What Extraordinarily Successful Sales Reps Do

  • You Are The Captain Of Your Own Attitude

  • How to deal with inquiries that just sound too good to be true

  • What motivates people to buy even more than helping their business

  • How to land more phone appointments

  • An old-school technique that still works today

  • A question to avoid in your openings

  • What to do on no-sales that can result in business later

  • What to say when asked, “Can you do any better?”

  • A simple phrase that gets more call backs

  • What to put in your final voice mail that gets results

  • How to deal with someone who is using you to get a better price elsewhere

  • Deal with objections conversationally with “softening statements”

  • How a $1 and five-minute investment turned into lots of business

  • Why “maybe’s” are worse than no’s and what you need to do to get decisions

  • Using positive visualization to get positive results

  • Habits of the wealthy sales pros you can emulate

  • What to do to make success a personal policy



Celebrity Guest Presenters

You will hear from 13 celebrity guest expert presenters in these training videos, presenting their very best tips.


  • Bob Burg on objections

  • Mark Hunter on "High Profit Prospecting"

  • Jim Domanski (so good we had him twice) sharing tons of prospecting and inside sales techniques

  • Jeb Blount on Fanatical Prospecting

  • Lee Salz on sales differentiation

  • Deb Calvert on "Stop Selling and Start Leading"

  • Julie Hansen on presentation and acting techniques for sales pros

  • Steve Richard on getting through to decision makers

  • Sam Richter on ninja techniques for gathering Smart Calling intelligence

  • Keenan on prospecting, emailing, demos, and more.

  • Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton (The Go for No duo)

  • James Muir on "The Perfect Close"




But don't just take my word for it, see examples in this highlights webinar we did, taking clips from previous sessions...


"You have made such a huge difference here. Our people sound so great on the phone. They love your material and it works."

Nancy Todd, Abatement Technologies



Plus, We're Throwing in TWO More Training Videos!

When you order right now we will include two additional training videos recorded before the end of 2018, free! A $158 value.

Diane Bogino

"I'm a wuss and I never knew what to say. However, after using your material, I now know exactly what to say, how to find out information, and not be blown off. So thank you!"

Diane Bogino, Performance Strategies, Inc.

Art's Methods Get RESULTS!

Over the past 30+ years Art Sobczak has helped hundreds of thousands of sales pros--and those who didn't consider themselves to be salespeople but needed to place calls-- to get more of what they wanted by phone. His processes and techniques are known as conversational, real-world, non-salesy, non-cheesy, and get results. His award-winning book, Smart Calling hit #1 on amazon in the Sales category on its very first day. He was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals for his longtime service to the profession.

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