The Fatal Phone Mistake Likely Causing You to Not Get ALL the New Business You Want Is:

Watch the video below for an explanation of the mistake, and what to do to avoid it. Also, download your free report of all FIVE of the Fatal Phone Mistakes Here.

How To Be Super Motivated to Pick Up the Phone, NEVER Experience Rejection, and Use the Proven Formula for Placing Your Successful Calls


Even if you'd rather do ANYTHING than make a prospecting or sales call now!



If you have ever struggled picking up the phone to call a prospect or customer, but you know that it is essential to your paycheck, AND you'd like to confidently place calls, knowing that you are able to come up with the right words in any situation and deliver them conversationally to get the YES answers you want...


this could be one of the most important
brief letters you've ever read.


Over the past 30 years I've helped hundreds of thousands of sales pros--and those who didn't even consider themselves to be in sales-- to generate countless millions of dollars by phone. One call at a time.


If your biggest barrier to creating new business is sitting right in front of you, the phone that sometimes feels like it weighs 5000 pounds, or seems too nuclear-flaming hot to even touch... you are not alone.


I actually was the same way, very early in my career as a new corporate salesperson right out of college, tasked with prospecting owners of companies, and high-level managers at huge corporations... people twice my age.


You'd laugh if I told you the excuses I made for myself to avoid making calls.

(We didn't have the Internet back then to help make it look like we were doing "research" so I came up with all kinds of others.) I actually thought I was too busy to make calls at times. HA!

But, I quickly realized--maybe like you--that I had to do something to get over my reluctance, fear of no's, and lack of confidence.


And I did.


It took some time. It took trial and error.


The result was that I soon became one of the top telephone sales reps at AT&T in my division.

I also realized that I wanted to do my own thing, and it seemed logical that I could share with other sales pros what I did on the phone.


And I did that too.

For over 30 years I've made it my life's work studying, testing, and teaching the mindset, processes, strategies, methods, and word-for-word techniques that salespeople worldwide use every day to pick up the phone, get through, get in, and sell, and get what they want in life.


What this means for you is...


You don't need to put in the 30 years, do the research, go down in flames as much as I did, or ever experience reluctance to pick up the phone again!

I've done the work for you, and I wan to share it with you.


What Prevents Otherwise-Intelligent and Confident People From Making Calls, and Having Success With Them?


In all my years of helping people use the phone to get the results, the income, and the satisfaction they want out of their job, and their life, I found two major things as obstacles to success:


1. Their mindset.

2. The absence of a structured call process and proven techniques, while avoiding saying things that get them shot down.


Which were the exact same things I worked on early in my career to turn my sales, and life around.


And I want to share those not-so-secret "secrets" with you right now.

Introducing the Audio Training:

"Motivated Calling- How to Overcome Call Reluctance, Fear of No's, and Never Be Rejected Again"


Just think if you were motivated...even excited every day, looking forward to grabbing that phone so you could engage with buyers who want you have.

Imagine the feeling of speaking with decision makers as if you were talking to a best friend.

And when you do get a no--which we always will-- actually having something productive come from it... possible new future business.

Plus, not being negatively affected by it. Instead, actually feeling good about what you accomplished.

For some people that might seem crazy.

But not for the people who are doing it right now.

And within minutes you can learn exactly how they are doing it, so you will do and feel the same.

I have prepared for you a one-hour audio training that will turn around your thinking, and your motivation to pick up the phone .

You will wonder why someone hadn't told you this before.

After hearing these simple methods and tips, you'll wonder why you suffered through the self-doubt and guilt of knowing you needed to be placing calls, but just couldn't bring yourself to do it.


You Will Learn...

How to never be rejected again, on any call.

A little -known technique on how to plant subconscious seeds that get prospects who give you a no today,  to contact you


How to get a win on every call.

Five behaviors of rejected salespeople to avoid, and what the successful ones do instead

Six things to do that most people don't to achieve your sales goals

Five more ways to not feel rejected on calls

22 brief, proven attitude and success tips that will elevate your thinking and performance to a never-reached before level.


How to expect success on your calls, and achieve it


How to face, tackle and welcome challenges and risks so they aren't scary, and you turbocharge your growth into
accomplishing things that seemed out of reach

A simple process to bust through your self imposed limitations that keep you stuck where you are.

What winners do compared to losers. Pick which ones you want to implement.

Your training is in audio format, available for you to listen to again and again. You can also download the mp3 to your mobile device. We do suggest you listen several times to engrain the methods and ideas so they turn into your habitual success beliefs.


"You have made such a huge difference here. Our people sound so great on the phone. They love your material and it works."

Nancy Todd, Abatement Technologies



Wait, What About the Second Challenge Salespeople Face?


Yes, hand-in-hand with the confidence to pick up the phone (and what actually contributes to that confidence and is reinforced with success) is the proven call process, and the what-to-say, and what-to-avoid part.

I've got you covered there too with the FREE BONUS. The video training course...


This 49-minute video training course  gives you the blueprint and the word-for-word messaging to get through, and have prospects asking you to "Tell me more," instead of "I'm happy with what I have."

It is so common-sensical and non-salesy, you will wonder why
someone hadn't told you this before!

If you have a product or service that truly provides value, and you believe in it, AND you can fill in the blanks in this process, you can get prospects to say YES on your next calls!


Art's Methods Get RESULTS!

Over the past 30+ years Art Sobczak has helped hundreds of thousands of sales pros--and those who didn't consider themselves to be salespeople but needed to place calls-- to get more of what they wanted by phone. His processes and techniques are known as conversational, real-world, non-salesy, non-cheesy, and get results. His award-winning book, Smart Calling hit #1 on amazon in the Sales category on its very first day. He was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals for his longtime service to the profession.

Wait, There's One MORE Bonus!


We know that with all of the noise you are competing with in the market,  it is tougher than ever to get through to buyers.

I've got you covered there too with this valuable guide...




With your renewed calling motivation and confidence, and knowing what to say on your calls, you could be saying things like this too about your results...

"I just got off the phone with a prospect who informed me that this was the first time he gave a sales call more than 3 seconds over the last 10 years. I used your opening statement advice to attract his interest.”

Cameron Mitchell, Ryzez Group

“There have been a few people that I have had zero luck with.  Trying your‘Advanced Apologies’ email, I have only sent out  5 “ and have gotten 3 responses from contacts that were otherwise ghosts to me! This tip alone, made that book pay for itself!”

Adam Maciasz, CDW Inc.

“Your book is fantastic! spent the equivalent of $2,000 on a 5-month self-learn course and feel that I have been given more insight into sales with your book than this course, for a smidgen of the price!”

Wendy Dias, Achievement Awards Group

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