Hey Smart Callers... I have a favor to ask those of you who have read the book, and/or gone through the course or my training. And I'm willing to bribe you.

I'm updating the testimonials that will go inside and on the new edition of the book, and that I'll use on the book promo page. If you would be so kind to put one together, I will send you a personalized, signed copy from my personal stash as soon as I get my hands on them next April/May when the Third Edition comes out.

And of course you will be famous, having your name appear before millions worldwide who get the new edition. 😉

I do ask that the testimonial be specific... not, "It is a good book. I read it." Actually, I would prefer it be kickass. Here are some questions that could help formulate it.

What was the challenge that Smart Calling helped you with

What specific results have you gotten?

What is one specific successful example of Smart Calling in action that works for you?

What specifically do you like best about Smart Calling?

Where were you before, and now, as a result of Smart Calling?

For whom would you recommend Smart Calling and why?

What else would you like to add?

Here are some examples I made up:

"Before Smart Calling I was broke and living in my parents' basement. It gave me the process and courage to call on billionaires, and get through to them. Now I am one as a result.

"I've read every sales and prospecting book printed, but Smart Calling was the only one that resonated with me as having real life techniques that I could use. I went from almost losing my job to the top new-business caller in my company, opening up 75 new accounts a day."

"We've implemented Smart Calling in our 598 offices worldwide. Previously our reps were afraid to get near the phone, now we have to tell them to not call so much because we have trouble handling all of the new accounts. I recommend it for every salesperson."

"I like that Smart Calling has specific example of openings and voice mails that I can actually use, instead of goofy scripts with things that normal humans would never say. I look forward to picking up the phone every day."

My deadline is next Thursday (gulp), so the sooner the better.

Please email me what you come up with at [email protected].

Thanks in advance... you rock!

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