This brief snippet from one of the 30 training videos in one of the resources that will be in my 59% Off Birthday Sale this Friday and Saturday.  It's the Sales and Prospecting Master Video Collection.

This collection contains 16 video training sessions I did personally, each with at least 10 of these how-to segments, and 14 more of them are from my celebrity guest presenters... the best of the best in sales and prospecting delivering their top tips... you'll recognize the names when we open up the sale on Friday.

Oh, actually you'll get 32 videos, since you'll get the next two we are doing in November and December.

These 45-minute+ programs are ideal for team sales meetings or individual viewing. Managers, just think, I've done the work for you, giving you over a year's worth of training meetings all in one place (assuming you do one every other week).

AND, you will get 59% OFF the regular price, only during the sale Friday and Saturday. Watch your email for the link when we open the doors.