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Free Training Webinar for Sales Managers and Executives

"Sales Management. Simplified: The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team"

Art Sobczak interviews sales management expert Mike Weinberg who will share his real-world, no B.S., take-no-prisoners advice, methods for building, coaching, managing and getting the most from your sales team. You will rethink what you are doing now and bottom line, your people will sell more, and YOU will be a more effective manager.

November 5

3:00 pm Eastern, 2:00 pm Central, 1:00 pm Mountain, noon Pacific

You'll Hear Some of Mike's Best Management Advice from His New, Smash Hit Book

"But Won't Hard Work Fix Everything?"

Many of us were taught if we would only work hard and put our time in at work every day, making our sales calls... we would be immune from the tough times. We would be rewarded with eternal success and unlimited confidence.

Well we now know that is a bunch of baloney.

So yes, for many people, times are tough. And there may not be much you can do about the government laws or corporate policies that caused some of this mess. But you ALWAYS have control over your response to these times or any other times.

That's why I invited my good friend and peak performance expert, Dr. Alan Zimmerman to deliver his excellent webinar to my audience. It's "Tough Times Never Last but Tough Salespeople Do."

Alan is one of the top motivational speakers in the business for a reason: his readers, listeners, and workshop attendees get results.

"Your training fulfilled the exact need that we were looking for. You gave our employees a greater awareness of the control they have over their lives. Your course enlightened our employees that they don't need to go through life simply accepting the things that happen; rather, they truly can be in charge of their lives. You opened up their potential for creating more successes."

Greg Matuszak
AAA Michigan/Wisconsin 

“Your ‘Journey’ made a tremendous difference in my life.  I learned how to deal with stress so I’m happier, more productive, and better received by my coworkers.  I learned how to achieve my goals, once and for all.  So I went back to school, started exercising, and lost 25 pounds.  I dramatically improved the way I listen to my staff and my peers, and my attitude has certainly improved!”

Sheila Fitzgerald
Department of the Treasury

Learn From One of the Top Motivators in the World

Dr. Alan Zimmerman has given more than 3000 presentations in the last 28 years, and he has published several books and more than 500 articles. Alan is only one of six people in the entire world who has a Ph.D., is a Certified Speaking Professional, and is also a member of the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

Alan has studied tough times for years and years. He studied the Great Depression of the 1930's, the Holocaust of World War II, and the day-to-day difficulties we all experience at some point in life.

He learned that those who make it through the tough times may not be following the latest business fad. They may not be adhering to some complex set of psychological theories. And they may not have the fanciest degrees.

BUT, those who make it through the tough times are using Seven key strategies that help them survive ... and even thrive ... in the midst of their challenges. And these seven strategies apply to every aspect of your work life as well as your personal life.

Alan will bring you those 7 key strategies ... in a quick, easy, and inexpensive way ... because this is not the time to learn through trial and error. This is not the time for you to learn the hard way. This is a time you have to knowwhat works and doesn't work when times are tough.

I want you to know those 7 strategies, and I want you to see some results NOW.

So on April 23, Alan will share all seven strategies with you.

Alan Zimmerman will spend an hour with you (at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time) going through the strategies. And he'll give you another 18 practices you can implement now ... so you'll soon realize that "Tough Times Never Last but Tough Salespeople Do."


What you'll learn...

  • How to let go of the stress that accompanies any tough time,
  • How to guard your attitude from demoralizing negativity
  • How to get and keep your financial situation in order
  • How to keep going when you feel like quitting
  • How to overcome setbacks and failures
  • How to fortify your spiritual reserves
  • How to live above your circumstances instead of beneath them

FREE Bonuses

In addition to a Action Guide you will receive a link to download and print to follow along with the program. you will also get these valuable FREE bonuses.

  • Three-Volume Ebook - The Emotional Intelligence Edge (over 300 pages)

    Each volume is filled with powerful, inspiring quotes and printable uplifting posters to further feed your mind the direction and motivation you need to put you on. and keep you on the road to extraordinary success.

  • The Written Transcript of the Program

    Some people learn better with the written word. We are also providing you the file of the written transcript of the program. You’ll reinforce all of the powerful messages in the program by going through the transcript.

  • MP3 Audio Recording of the Program

    You’ll be able to download the mp3 audio recording of the program so you can put it on your favorite device and listen over and over, further reinforcing the principles.


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

If for any reason you don’t feel that this program is worth a LOT more than your investment, just let us know and we will refund your money.


An Investment in Your Attitude, and Success

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