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Here Are the Next Steps to Prepare for Our Call

  1. Below I have shared a few links to videos, audio, and other training content. Please review these before our call. This will give you a feel for who I am, my teaching style, content, and personality.
  2. If you have another sales leader who will have input on making a decision should we choose to work together, please have him/her review the materials and on the call also, and let me know in advance. It's the best use of our time if all of the stakeholders are on the call.
  3. Before our call, I will ask that you do your due diligence on me. In addition to the material below, go to my Smart Calling Blog, The Art of Sales Podcast,  and Google my name and any sales topic to find YouTube videos and other sales articles. This way you will be familiar and comfortable enough to make a decision if I make the offer and we both decide it's the right fit
  4. Here is an actual issue of the Smart Calling Report.   




Please Review These Prior to Our Call

  1. This is one of the lessons from one of the modules from my Smart Calling College course. You can view the accompanying workbook materials there too.

  2. Here is one of the audio modules from the Smart Calling Prospecting course.  Participants also have a workbook they use with the program.

  3. This is a video compilation of tips pulled from the various Live Webinars we do each month.

  4.  This is an actual issue of the Smart Calling Report monthly letter.

    I look forward to speaking with you!