How To Add Value on Every Customer Contact, Build Relationships, and Sell More to Your Customers


Exactly What to Do and Say On Calls to Keep Customers Loyal, Happy, and Buying More From You


If you recognize that your customers are your most valuable asset, and you know you want to be viewed as more than a "vendor" so that they will stay with you forever, and buy more and more from you...


I would like to help you be viewed as someone their business could not do without.


Hi, I'm Art Sobczak, and over the past 30 years I've helped hundreds of thousands of sales pros--and those who didn't even consider themselves to be in sales-- to generate countless millions of dollars by phone. One  call at a time. By being effective at delivering value every single time they interacted with their customers.


If you sometimes struggle with what to say when calling customers, and want to avoid the dreaded, "Just checking in with you, do you need anything?" type of call,  you are not alone.


I actually was the same way, very early in my career as a new corporate salesperson right out of college, tasked with selling to owners of companies, and high-level managers at huge corporations... people twice my age.


I placed countless, and worthless "Just touching base" calls. The tipping point came when I was losing more and more customers to the competition. It's no wonder, since they were just viewing me as a vendor. And beating me down on price.


So, I quickly realized--maybe like you--that I had to do something to actually deliver value every time I called. I needed to have something that my customers would perceive as helping them, instead of just calling with the hope they would buy something just because I called.   Actually, I had to crack the value code, IF I wanted to keep my job!


And I did.


It took some time. It took trial and error.


The result was that I soon became one of the top telephone sales reps at AT&T in my division.

I also realized that I wanted to do my own thing, and it seemed logical that I could share with other sales pros what I did on the phone.


And I did that too.

For over 30 years I've made it my life's work studying, testing, and teaching the mindset, processes, strategies, methods, and word-for-word techniques that salespeople worldwide use every day to pick up the phone, get through, get in, and move the process forward more quickly to sales, provide huge value EVERY time they speak with customers, and get more of what THEY want in life.


What this means for you is...


You don't need to put in the 30 years, do the research, and waste thousands of worthless "just checking in" calls, and lose customers and profits in the process.

I've done the work for you, and I want to share it with you.


What Prevents Otherwise-Intelligent and Confident People From Delivering Massive Value to Their Customers Every Time They Call Them?


In all my years of helping people use the phone to get the results, the income, and the satisfaction they want out of their job, and their life, I found two major things as obstacles to successfully keeping customers happy, loyal, and buying:


1. Not doing lots of the little--but critical-- things that keep customers loyal, buying, and therefore being viewed as a value-added partner, and,

2. Not having an effective process and messaging for their successful calls to customers.


Which were the exact same things I worked on early in my career to turn my sales, and life around.


And I want to share those not-so-secret "secrets" with you right now.


"How to Add Value On Every Contact, Build Relationships, and Sell More to Customers"


Just think if you were motivated...even excited every day, looking forward to grabbing that phone so you could engage with customers who look forward to your call.

And every time your call comes in, the customer looks at caller ID and eagerly answers it because they are thinking, "Every time (YOUR NAME) calls, he/she has something good that helps me."

... because you knew you had the code, the processes and the words to confidently use so you are delivering value every time.

Think how great it would be to have customers buying more regularly, and saying to your competitors who prospect them, "I'm happy with my present company," which is YOU they are talking about.

Imagine the feeling of  having something relevant, interesting, of value, and engaging to say at the beginning of every call instead of, "Uh, how's it going?"

For some people that might seem crazy.

But not for the people who are doing it right now.


And within minutes you can learn exactly how they are doing it, so you will do and feel the same.



I have prepared for you a 120-page guide  gives you specific strategies and word-for-word messaging to build and strengthen customer relationships, deliver tremendous value, and as a result, have them buy more from you.

It is so common-sensical and non-salesy, you will wonder why someone hadn't told you this before!

If you have a product or service that truly provides value, and you believe in it, AND you can follow the methods, the process, and the word-for-word best practices in this training, you can get prospects to view you as a trusted partner, one they are happy to buy from because they see so much value in the relationship.

In this valuable ebook, I share with you my very best methods on delivering value every time. Plus we have guest contributions from experts in the field, sharing what their clients are doing to sell more than ever to their customers.


You Will Learn...

How to identify what is really of value to your customers--not just what you THINK it is.


What to say instead of you are calling to "just introduce yourself" to new customers so they see value.


What to say instead of you are calling to "just check in" to current customers so they see value.

10 great reasons to call that are perceived as high-value.

How to increase the order size of every sale, and have customers happy they bought more.

What to do and say when your buyer leaves the company, so you keep the account.

How to deliver value when you sell a commodity.


What to say to keep a customer from leaving.


How to not lose interest after the first sale.


Over 20 "little" things you can do that have HUGE impact.




Your training is in downloadable PDF format, available for you to instantly click on any of the 32 chapters from the interactive Table of Contents. You can also copy and paste the many word-for-word techniques and best practices so you can modify them, or use as is so they turn into your success habits.


"You have made such a huge difference here. Our people sound so great on the phone. They love your material and it works."

Nancy Todd, Abatement Technologies



Wait, What About the Second Challenge Salespeople Face?


Yes, hand-in-hand with the best practices on how to deliver value is the proven call process, and the what-to-say, and what-to-avoid part.

I've got you covered there too with the FREE BONUS.


Get Immediate Access to the Proven Call Process AND What to Say for Placing Successful  Sales Calls

In this ebook I take you step-by-step through the Seven-Step sales call process. This is the same process I teach at my $795 Smart Calling College training. And the same process companies pay $10,000 per day to have me customize and deliver in a training session for them.


Plus you'll get examples of the what-to-say messaging to use in all parts of the call to get the "yes" answers you want. And you'll see how to place those calls without fear of the "rejection" that so many callers get paralyzed by.

We've sold over 10,000 copies of the hardcopy and electronic version of this book at $29.  And you get it FREE with your Value book.



In this book you'll discover...


With your renewed calling motivation and confidence, and knowing what to say on your calls, you could be saying things like this too about your results...

Diane Bogino

"I'm a wuss and I never knew what to say. However, after using your material, I now know exactly what to say, how to find out information, and not be blown off. So thank you!"

Diane Bogino, Performance Strategies, Inc.

Yep. It's only appropriate that we practice what we're preaching, and are delivering even more massive value with one more FREE BONUS.


In this Special Report we prepared for our clients, we show you exactly how to mine new business from your best source: your existing customers.  Many companies and salespeople beat their head against the wall cold calling, when they can easily skim the cream from what is already in their computer hard drive. BUT, you need to know where to look, and what to say. We show you in this valuable Special Report.


Art's Methods Get RESULTS!

Over the past 30+ years Art Sobczak has helped hundreds of thousands of sales pros--and those who didn't consider themselves to be salespeople but needed to place calls-- to get more of what they wanted by phone. His processes and techniques are known as conversational, real-world, non-salesy, non-cheesy, and get results. His award-winning book, Smart Calling hit #1 on amazon in the Sales category on its very first day. He was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals for his longtime service to the profession.

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